*see below for link-trade requirements.

To be an Author:

  • You must show a genuine interest in the topic of the site (Flat-Earth).
  • Be active in the discussion of Flat-Earth currently, and demonstrate your support.
  • A basic knowledge of the Flat-Earth topic and it’s known supporters.
  • Provide at least three references who can vouch for you.
  • Ability to type at a steady pace (no chicken plucking).

To apply simply visit the “contact us” page and fill out the corresponding fields and submit. Please review the requirements below before submitting.

The “author” will write articles related to the topic “Flat-Earth,” this can be about the earth itself or what’s occurring because of the opposition. Authors are to make full length articles, including several paragraphs containing five or more sentences each. At least one copyright free image for the articles’ “featured image” is required at minimum; additional images may be used within the article where appropriate (highly suggested). Sourced information is to be cited, and references with corresponding links where appropriate are to be listed at the bottom of each article. Where the author voices his/her own opinion that needs to be stated to the reader; fact and belief need to be clear. The writer should use their best possible grammar and spelling; proof reading each article at least once and making the necessary corrections.

Once an article is complete, it’s to be checked for a clean layout appearance when made live, and ensure no errors with the spelling of the articles’ URL. Test the link, report any broken links to the site’s webmaster. If the articles are set by the webmaster to be saved as “draft,” you may not be able to test the link; in which case this will be done initially by the webmaster and twice checked by the author. Every author should feel confident in his/her own work and know of its working condition. Authors may proceed to writing additional articles once the previous is verified or saved as “draft.”

A dedicated site within will be made in the author’s name giving them credit for all the articles they contribute with a brief summery about who they are and what they hope to accomplish. No private information will be included at the request of the author, though this is highly discouraged; A friendly face to a reader’s favorite article creates a fan-base and the reader is more likely to read more published by the author or share his/her content.

If you are the owner of a business, or have a group, page, blog, forum, brand, etc. and you would like to use this identity instead of your own when receiving credit for your contributions this may be allowed; contact the webmaster with the details of your entity.

The details of an alias or entity should include:

  • Assumed name
  • Logo
  • Contact information
  • Site links (if online entity)


Security:     Under no circumstances should anyone given access the site share their login information; any user names/passwords are to be kept private and secure! Anyone who violates this will be immediately terminated from the system, and all rights to the content retained by the site. The user’s computer is to be free of malware and other vicious threats before the user attempts to gain access to the system. All contributors are encouraged to install a valid anti-virus software on their devices, running in its full capacity. Following these simple security protocols will insure a safe and friendly environment.



Currently there are no funds received by the site to be allocated to the “author” project. After the site grows, with interest based ads we will be able to compensate those who contribute under terms of (freelancer).

*more information will be released when available.

As of now we would like to offer each contributor one or more domains within depending on how active they are. Each site will be fully functional and customization by the individual! Certain restriction apply… No adult content, no bandwidth hogs such as self hosted videos, no large photo collections, and you will be limited to the software program that is installed on the server.

Those actively participating daily will be put in for a chance to win great door prizes, such as FlatEarth t-shirts, stickers, gift-cards, etc.


To Link-Trade:

  1. Fill out the “contact us” form, including the link you wish to trade.
  2. Include in the “Feedback” field information on where you’d like to place our link.

The applying site must be related to flat-earth, religion, or positive research. You must maintain our link on your website as long as we maintain your link, and must be on a main page where it can be seen. If you decide to no longer link-trade with us, we ask that you kindly inform us and we will remove the link. Thank you.

Our links:

*These links will also be the main page where your link will be shown

If you choose not to have our link on the main page and have a dedicated page to links or simply do not wish to link-trade on your main page but still would like to trade. Let us know and we will be glad to work something out.

All link trade agreements are routinely checked for broken links.

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