Welcome to the @iPressThis Network!

iPressthis was originally created by myself, A.J. Wilson, as a blog host; where anyone can signup and create as many free sites as they want. I felt the current sites available for hosting blogs had little names left to choose from and I wanted to fill this market. It was a profitable idea, I would use interest based ads to provide myself and those who registered with the site, income. The vision was merely limited by how much content you could create! But I quickly became busy with other tasks offline related and the site I had become vulnerable to phishing attack, I decided it was too big of a task and didn’t feel it was worth the initial investment to complete the start up. So I moved the name to the back burner until I had a new use for it.

Good news, as time went by and life happened, I prayed to God along the way and found a new interest for iPressThis. Out of a desire to share information that I felt was important to the general public at whole. iPressThis went from a public platform for sharing blogs to a private media brand of sorts now referred to as @iPressThis. The name was synonymous with “i” meaning you, the blogger and “PressThis,” the blog you wish to publicize. The lowercase “i” was a catchy idea because of the popular tech company and was more appealing to the reader. You will often see the name iPressThis with an “@” sign at the beginning, this is due to the private possession of the name, also allowing us to be searchable on every major social media site.

What was once a shared platform is now a private collection of data, news, and information. Collected and distributed for the purpose planting a seed in the mind of the reader/collaborator. We seek out truth that has been hidden from you, sometimes in plain sight and tell you about it so that you can do your own research. My objective isn’t to get you to believe what we publish as real, though it is, its to get you to do your own research. Everything that we discover is verified, scrutinized, and collaborated.

Main sources of information include, direct interviews, national libraries, bills being passed into law, executive orders, state and federal law, land acquisition reports, real history, religious texts, etc. This data collected is often shared first with us, sometimes by others then verified.

Topics covered:

Flat Earth
All Caps -STRAWMAN name / Birth Certificate / Savings Bond / Business
Real History / Dinosaurs
Government / Shadow Government / Corporation / Secret Societies
Rights and Civil Liberties
Demons / Aliens / Interdenominational Beings
Celestial Bodies / Sun, Moon, and Stars
Free-energy Devices / Renewable Energy
Patents / Stolen inventions / Technology
Active Court Cases
Real Science / Pseudoscience / Science Fiction
Military / Operations / Future Event Planning
Controlled Opposition / False Flag Attacks / Terrorism
Hacking / Spyware / Phone Applications
Cell Towers / Transmission Interceptors / Spoofs / Satellites
Blimps / Aircrafts / UFO’s
Invasive Local Laws / Emanate Domain
Marijuana / Big Pharma
Lobbyists / Congress / Checks and Balance
Elections / Conflicts of Interest
Debts / Monetary System / Banks / Truth in Lending
Maritime Law / The Court System
Police / Security / State Officials / State and Federal Agencies

and much more…