Hello and welcome to our site!

My name is A.J. Wilson and I am a flat-earth researcher with @iPressThis, some would say I’m a flat-earther and there are many names people call us that are derogatory. This is due to the overwhelming rejection people face with cognitive dissonance. We take it with a grain of salt because what we know we can easily prove, what they think they know can’t be proven. As we say, “Once you go flat, you don’t go back,” this is because the truth needs no defense and it is everywhere for those who can see past the programming. I am a police academy graduate and a minister, I speak the truth because I’m not scared of it. Who cares what others think of you, in the end there is only one judge!

About Us:

This website along with our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr pages were created with the intent to bring our sources of information together to share those interested in the discovery of God’s creation, flat earth. And to make the information available, easily accessible, and shareable upon viewer’s social media. We intend to give full credit to any sources the information may have come from, including citations, graphic copyrights, links to other sites/content, etc.

Within our site you’re able to search memes created by us or others, you may also generate your own with the API. Discover articles that discuss real events as they actually happened or occur without the government controlled media influence, articles will be related to the topic of flat-earth and those branches that esteem from it, such as cause & effect. You may leave us feedback at anytime, and if you’re a fellow flatearth researcher you may apply to be a content provider. For those who would like to support us but don’t have any content to provide, we’ll cheerfully accept any donations, (every bit helps). We are not a 501(c3) non-profit organization yet but plan to be, so no receipts can be given but we can offer things like stickers or t-shirts for your charitable donation.

If you sent us feedback, you can expect us to contact you back (if requested) within 5 working days. Please bookmark flatearth.online and check back with us frequently as changes are made often.