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Welcome to FlatEarth.Online!

You may be here out of support, curiosity, education, and research; what ever the reason you will come to realize one thing. The Earth is Flat and stationary, no longer is it a debate, but an obstacle of information that was left out of your education for means of control. From illegal taxes to hidden terrorist activity, governments, powers to be, and secret societies fool you to herd you like sheep. Hidden from you is true activity in the fractional reserve monetary system; your birth certificate is a bond in which governments trade and upon your death, collect the money from it. This birth certificate is unavoidable unless you are, as a parent willing to assume the felony charge for not filing with what States call “Vital Statistics.” You are nothing more than a science experiment built on pseudoscience and science fiction, cattle to the elite. You have certain rights that are unalienable, but to claim these rights you must first declare them. It works in the same way as interest based ads on your phone or TV, you are automatically opted in until you opt out.

Some of you will have trouble at first waking up but as in any crisis one must follow the seven stages of grief to acceptance, and this is a bumpy road that can happen instantly or over time.

Trust in God for his words can be read as they are written, all praise God our creator for all his glory and blessings upon us.


Short list of #FlatEarth videos on YouTube.